Diabetes in the Summer: 5 Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

diabetes in the summer

The weather is getting warmer and many of us are looking forward to enjoying life in the sun. However, it can be harder to control your diabetes in the summer.

Longer periods of inactivity in the sun can affect your diabetes control, making your blood sugar levels higher than normal. For those on insulin, it is important to know that it is absorbed faster from an injection in warmer weather which can put you at risk of hypoglycaemia (hypo). But as long as you are vigilant about your diabetes control, then there is no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself just like anyone else.

We have some top tips you can follow to ensure you can safely enjoy yourself and keep track of your diabetes in the summer!

Keep an eye on your levels

As with any change in your lifestyle, remember is to check your blood glucose levels and adjust your insulin dose accordingly. Make sure you’re regularly checking your levels and keep a sugary snack to hand, just in case.

stay hydrated

Stay hydrated!

Everyone needs to stay hydrated in the warm weather, but especially if you have diabetes. People with diabetes get dehydrated more quickly in the heat. Not drinking enough liquids can raise your blood glucose levels which can lead to you urinating more, causing dehydration. Keep a bottle of water close by at all times, and drink regularly to help control your blood sugar levels.

Keep your meters and test strips out of the sun

The warmer weather can affect your meters and test strips just as much as it does you. Try to keep your meters and test strips as close to room temperature as possible and out of direct sunlight. (But don’t refrigerate them- the cold temperature has the same effect as warm temperatures against the meters and strips and can lead to misleading results.)


Keep your insulin cool

Insulin damaged by the heat will become cloudy. It can become grainy and sticky or maybe slightly brown (do not use insulin if it looks like this!)

Insulin is best kept in the fridge or a cool bag, just make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Always read the temperature guidance for your medication and test strips.

Take the usual good care of yourself!

Apart from having to check your blood glucose, you’re no different to anyone else enjoying themselves in the sun. Just keep hydrated, make sure you’re regularly applying sunscreen to exposed areas and take regular shade breaks to avoid dehydration, overheating or getting heat exhaustion.

How can we help?

Our pharmacists are trained to support you in managing your diabetes. Register with Spirit Pharmacy to receive your medication delivered direct to your door. You will have access to a team who can answer your queries and help you with any challenges you may be facing. You will also have access to online diabetes education if you would like it.

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