Diabetes and coping with the end of lockdown

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As the latest lockdown restrictions begin to come to an end in line with the government’s Covid-19 roadmap, many of us can hopefully look forward to doing some of our favourite things again.

However, for lots of people living with diabetes, this may be an anxious time. After months spent in the relative safety of our own homes, some may struggle with the transition to getting out and about again.

It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous. However, prolonged or unusual levels of stress can have an impact on blood glucose levels. Couple that with changes to daily routine, plus increased temptation as we start to eat out or on-the-go again, and it can be a tricky time for people living with diabetes to keep their glucose levels in range.

To help you start preparing for the end of lockdown, we’ve collated some useful guides below:

CALM’s roadmap to helping you out of lockdown

Contains several handy tips on how to quieten any worries you may have about returning to the hustle & bustle of post-lockdown life.

Mental Health Foundation: Relaxation of Covid rules

Provides some great advice on coping with post-lockdown anxiety, such as keeping a note of things you’ve achieved or enjoyed.

Coronavirus news from Diabetes UK, including updates on shielding & vaccines

The go-to source of trustworthy news regarding diabetes and coronavirus, including updates on shielding advice for people regarded as extremely clinically vulnerable.

20 clever tips to eat healthy when eating out

Gives some useful tips on eating out in a healthy fashion, such as familiarising yourself with the menu beforehand and opting for grilled or steamed options rather than fried.

Becoming more active again – safely

On the bright side, the success of the UK’s vaccine rollout, coupled with falling infection rates, provides a welcome ray of light for most people. It also provides the chance to get a bit more active again after a long winter spent mostly isolated and indoors, which can have a hugely positive impact on your diabetes.

Please remember to always follow the official government advice, check restrictions in your area, and always follow any advice on shielding you have been given by your healthcare team. Here’s to a happy and safe summer in 2021.

Spirit Pharmacy will continue to offer our free home delivery service for repeat NHS prescriptions after lockdown ends, including dispensing drugs into blister packs for free on request. You can also continue to speak to our pharmacists, who take extra training in diabetes care, on the phone or via email for help with medication, diet and lifestyle based on your medical history.

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